Thursday, January 31, 2013

October Baby (Life is Beautiful)

So, I am in love with the movie October Baby.
It's clean and family friendly. 
It is a movie that was made to raise awareness about the cruelty of abortion. In the movie, you travel alongside a 19 year old girl named Hannah, who finds out she was adopted as a baby. Not only was she adopted but she was the victim of a "failed" abortion. The movie shows her discovering the truth about her birth while finding peace and building a better relationship with her father. It's great.

But what I love even more than the movie is the soundtrack!
The songs are amazing! I have listened to them over and over. There are two songs on the CD that I don't like. One called "Make it Without You" which seems like it's a song about divorce. I am completely puzzled as to why they even have this song on the album. The other is called "When a Heart Breaks". The reason I don't care for this particular track is because of a line they put in the chorus. It states "..and you don't need Jesus, until you're here...". Now I have had a few friends interpret the song differently and they believe the song writer means this figuratively  That whoever is being sung about, doesn't think he/she needs Jesus until his/her heart actually breaks and he/she has no where else to turn. I personally, don't like having the song stuck in my head because the song doesn't clarify that part enough for my liking. This is just a personal preference. 


The album is outstanding! Just the song titles themselves are great. Every song is whimsical and inspirational. Below is the complete song list for the album. I put stars by my favorite... :)

****01. “Hesitate”—Steve Moakler  
****02. “Oh My Stars”—Andrew Belle
03. “Always on My Mind”—Mandi Mapes
****04. “All the Faint Lights”—Steve Moakler
05. “Hold My Heart”—Tenth Avenue North (I don't like the lyrics in this one much either....)
****06. “Life is Beautiful”—The Afters (THIS is an amazing song)
07. “My Oldest Friend”—Andrew Belle
****08. “Where You Are”—Mandi Mapes
09. “Make It Without You”—Andrew Belle
10. “Broken (Beautiful)”—Chris Sligh
11. “Now More than Ever”—Brandon Heath
12. “Ocean Floor”—Gianna Jessen
13. “One”—Chris Sligh
14. “When a Heart Breaks”—Ben Rector
****15. “Willow Tree”—Chris Sligh

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Anyways. You should really watch the movie and look up the album.

Thanks SO much to my absolutely wonderful sister who bought the album for me!!
Shelby. You are amazing in so many ways!... :)
I love you.


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  1. I love you toooooo. <3 So glad you're enjoying it, dear.