Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More veggies.

So I'm on this diet/cleanse to counter act my holiday gorging! I'm on the third day and all I can eat are fruits and veggies. Now don't get me wrong! I love fruit and vegetables but right now it's raining and all I want to eat is junk. But I will stick to it.. Even though drinking a tall glass of water while cuddling up with a good book is nothing like having a hot caramel macchiato with so much whipped creme you have a mustache after each sip. Anywho.

Here is the link to the cleanse I'm doing it anyone is interested.

I love my comfy sweater! I bought it at Rue 21 for $3. :)
Necklace was from a Garage sale for $1.50
Skirt from a thrift store for $3
Annnd last but not least. My new knee length socks bought at target on sale for $3

Okay. I'm done whining seeings how I did this to myself. Humff. Did you eat way too much this holiday season? Me too. :)


  1. Your blog is awesome.

    Your pics are awesome too.

    I love that skirt. And those socks. (Genuinely covetous of the socks.. pray for me. ;)

    I could seriously just sit here and look at your instagram shots all day... I love you muchly and feel bad for anyone who doesn't get to call you sister.


  2. Oh, and kudos on sticking with that diet cleanse.

    Yes, you can make fun of me for giving up when eating only half a cantaloupe and three glasses of water left me raiding the fridge for meat and carbs. xD

    I don't know how you do it, girl. Willpower ftw!