Monday, January 7, 2013

My new phone!

So I had been needing an upgrade for a while because my old phone was slowly dying on me! Saturday daddy decided to take me to AT&T in the mall. Now I thought he would just buy a new flip phone, you know nothing really special. To my surprise he told the kind lady to upgrade my phone to a 3G media plan and give us the latest iPhone. My jaw dropped! So now, I am pleased to announce I have a brand spankin' new, white, 16gb, iPhone 5. I am now a happy camper! This will help out with my etsy business as well as the ability to blog more often.
HUGE thanks to my daddy!

Oh! Also, I got a dark blue otter box to protect it and it looks kinda dull. Any ideas? I was thinking mod podge and a pretty picture.. I'll let you know what i decide. I may even make a tutorial for y'all!

Well that's it. Tata for now, and have an amazing week!

1 comment:

  1. I'll admit it. Your phone is officially cooler than mine. ;D