Thursday, August 1, 2013

What the Media Cleanse is Not

August is here and the Media Cleanse has officially begun!

But, there has been a touch of confusion over what the Media Cleanse is exactly. Perhaps we should provide some clarification:

The Media Cleanse is not a "fast" from all media intake. Someone asked if I'd stop reading books—absolutely not! We are only abstaining from certain types of media, namely, anything that portrays the breaking of God's Law as acceptable or funny {unless we're intentionally, actively analyzing said media.} But, please. If you join us, don't stop reading books, blogs and newspapers! Don't stop listening to music! Don't skip out on that family movie night planned to watch a Christian movie or documentary! Just keep on guard and analyze everything according a Biblical worldview.

Now, take a moment to read another very important note about this cleanse, written by the event's co-host, Andrew Romanowitz:

"The Media Cleanse is not a chance to try out this "personal holiness" thing and see if it's right for you. To be frank, personal holiness is right for you, and you do not need a free 30-day trial to be sure of that fact. The standards that we will set for ourselves during this media cleanse should govern our whole lives. But even those who fight in a war set temporary objectives to win battles. Winning a battle is not winning a war, but you must win battles to win a war. I am challenging you, my friend and brother in Christ, to give special attention to this one area of personal holiness for the month of August, in order that you might establish some spiritually healthy habits in the area of media consumption." {Continue reading this article. You won't regret it.}

This event is also being hosted on the following blogs:

Happy August!

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