Thursday, June 13, 2013

Little Tait's Preemie Fund Give-Away! {Closed}

Have you heard about this little guy? His name is Tait Zimmerman Jr. He was born premature four years ago. You can read all about Little Tait's story here.

According to
Preemies are expensive. (But totally worth it, of course!) Just the cost of using a single bed-space in the NICU runs around $3000 a day. Little Tait was pretty much literally a “million-dollar baby,” before any reductions were made on his bills. At this point, by God’s grace, and through the help of so many people, all of his bills are taken care of … except the big one: the hospital bill.
Over the past few months, they have been working to raise $100,000 dollars. If they can raise this amount of money by Monday, the hospital will settle Little Tait's account. So far, they have a little over $77k. But time is running out.

There are only five days left to raise a little over $20,000.

Dolly Madison Designs and The Thinking Tree are teaming up to help the effort by hosting a give-away!

Do you need a new banner for your Etsy shop? A new blog header or sidebar button? What about a cover graphic for your Facebook page? Perhaps an advertisement of some sort?

Whatever your custom graphic need, I (Shelby) or Dolly Madison Designs will tackle the project* if you donate any amount to Little Tait's Preemie Fund and then comment on this post. You'll be able to decide which one of us you'd like to handle your project when you comment below.

Every single person who donates and then comments below will receive a voucher for one free custom graphic*.

Check out our portfolios:

Apparently, I enjoy teal. And red.

And now, enjoy perusing the work of my dear friend, Dolly Madison:

I love her work—especially that Vintage Treasures banner. Pretty, pretty.

If you donate to Little Tait's Preemie Fund, you can decide which of us you'd like to undertake your custom graphic project!

But that's not all!

Everyone who donates and comments below is automatically entered into a give-away to win an amazing bundle of prizes!

First, from The Thinking Tree Store on Etsy

Vintage Key Blessed Necklace with Clay Rose
This necklace, made classic with a vintage jewelry box key and handcrafted clay rose. Also, handmade ''Blessed'' charm placed on a bold dark brown leather cord. Simple and unique. 
Length:16'' with a 3'' extension

Next, from Dolly Madison Designs

Sunshine Blossoms Polymer Clay Buttons (Set of Five)
So tiny! These adorable little buttons will bring a dash of cheer to all sorts of crafts and house decor! I love to use these as jar fasteners, but there are so many adorable ways to employ these buttons. Use them for decoration, appliques, quilts, purses, needle-books, and any matter of little whimsies!
Painstakingly handmade, these buttons are a one-of-a-kind work of art. No molds, patterns, or kits used. The average button set takes three hours in total of hands-on labor. Truly a one-of-a-kind treasure!
Dolly Madison Designs on Facebook

Plus, we have from Hannah at Damsel Made

White Knit Earwarmer/Headband/Cowl
This versatile accessory can be worn three different ways!
1) Wear it as a cute ear warmer over your hair, 2) or a charming headband underneath your hair, 3) or a mini cowl on your neck.  
Super cute, stylish and warm! Made out of 100% acrylic yarn in white. Measures approximately: 4" wide and 16" round (without stretching). One size fits most. Makes a great gift! Made in a smoke free and pet free environment.
Damsel Made on Facebook

Finally, from my favourite Lilla Rose consultant, Shiloh Ariel

Spring Bouquet Mini Flexi
Women who use the Flexi Clip say is is so comfortable, they forget they are wearing it. The beaded wire really does flex around the hair. Clients often declare how they are stopped by women asking, "Where did you get that beautiful hair clip?" Our repeat customers are singing praises about the strength and longevity of their Flexi Clips. 
Celebrate the brilliant colors of spring with this lovely bouquet of flowers. 2" clip.
Lilla Rose ~ Shiloh Ariel on Google Plus

Step-by-Step Overview

1) Donate any amount to Little Tait's Preemie Fund:

2) Post one comment letting us know that you donated.

3) We'll need your email address in order to send you a FREE CUSTOM GRAPHICS VOUCHER*. You can leave your email address in the comments OR send it to ladylrae [at] If you don't give us your email address, we won't be able to send you your voucher.

4) By posting a comment, you'll be automatically entered into the give-away to receive the prize bundle which includes:

  • Vintage Key Blessed Necklace {The Thinking Tree}
  • Set of Five Sunshine Blossoms Polymer Clay Buttons {Dolly Madison Designs}
  • White Knit Earwarmer/Headband/Cowl {Damsel Made}
  • Spring Bouquet Mini Flexi {Shiloh Ariel at Lilla Rose}

How is that for an offer?

Why all of this for Little Tait's Preemie Fund?

To me, Tait and Lauren Zimmerman are two very courageous parents. Sending the humongous medical bills through Medicaid was an option, but they refused the socialist handout. They have faith that Christ can work through His Church to provide the funds necessary to pay the hospital.

Little Tait, age 4
Daddy has pitched in a couple of times over the past few months, and I've watched the fund-raising progress closely. Now, with only five days left to finish raising a little over $20k, I've finally had a chance to join the last hurrah. I'm very passionate about the Church putting money where her mouth by faithfully stepping up and showing the civil government that socialised welfare is not necessary.

That's why I'm doing this. Dear sisters in Christ, please join me. In addition to blessing the Zimmermans, you'll be able to work with the graphic designer of your choice on one free project and automatically have the chance to win a bundle of four great prizes. Whatchya waitin' for? Click here to donate.

*Shelby @ The Thinking Tree and Dolly Madison Designs reserve the right to decline graphics projects due to conscience. If for some reason we cannot help you with the first project of your choice, we'll work with you to come to another agreement. 

More efforts for Little Tait's Preemie Fund:

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Like Little Tait's Preemie Fund on Facebook!

Give-away ends June 17th.
Due to shipping costs, only U.S. residents can enter the give-away.


  1. Thank you dear Shelby for your sweet giveaway and support of the Zimmerman family. Thank you for the chance to be entered in the giveaway. Excited to see how the Lord continues to provide for the Zimmermans. Many blessings to you!

  2. What a nice giveaway! We donated today. Thank you for the entry!

    1. Thank you for donating and entering! Please send your email address to ladylrae [at] so I can send you your voucher!

      Christ's blessings,

  3. Found this through Madison's blog :) Thank you for setting up these giveaways to help this family! I donated today :)

  4. I just donated - thanks for letting us know about the need!

  5. This is wonderful. Hope all goes well and the baby will be home soon. Please keep me up dated.Thank you.

  6. I donated what I could. Have a baby is a beautiful thing but I'm sure that amount of debt causes a lot of stress. I wish I could do more

  7. I donated! And I would like the graphics from Dolly Madison Designs. Great prizes!! I would love to win! I was a preemie myself! It was 1978 and I was born at 24 weeks. I weighed 2 pounds and 9 ounces. I was in the hospital for three months. I have cerebral palsy. When I was in high school I was on a "48 Hours" episode titled "Million Dollar Babies." Preemies are especially expensive. Thankfully things are more advanced then in 1978 and more preemies are eventually completely normal. I'm lucky my cerebral palsy is pretty mild. I have a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science. I have a great job, and husband, and cats. Tomorrow (June 17) is my 35th birthday!! Life is great! Good luck raising the rest of the money.

    kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, and for blessing the Zimmerman family. God bless you, Kristie!

      (We'll get your voucher out to you as soon as the give-away ends, and Dolly Madison Designs will be in contact with you about your project.)

  8. What beautiful prizes! I donated today. The Zimmerman family are in my prayers. They seem to be a sweet and God-fearing family.

    I am sending my e-mail address.

  9. I donated a little while back. So glad so many people are doing giveaways for Little Tait. :)

  10. I donated!

    (Maddy informed me that I could go ahead and enter, since I'll be able to get mail at my US address in August. If she is mistaken, pray ignore this comment.)

    Oh - and do you need my email address again? No? Didn't think so. :)

    Love you, Shelby!


    1. Oh yes, of course!

      I was actually just poking fun when I said what I did. You're totally entered.

      Love you, dear!

    2. :)

      Well, I was getting so frustrated that I couldn't donate... Maddy can tell you how hard I was kicking myself this morning when it finally clicked that I actually *do* have a US bank account that I could use. *facepalm*

      I'm just glad I realised that *before* their deadline!

      (And getting into the giveaway is totally the icing on the cake.)

      - Cricket

  11. We're thankful for the opportunity to donate. Can't wait to see God provide!

  12. So glad we can help and donate to the fund.

  13. I just donated! My email is Thank you for your support!

  14. I donated, and I'm praying!

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